Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today I used the word "crufty" with respect to an aspect of a process. I don't recall whether it was software or business. It doesn't really matter. When the word was used, I got that strange look from my boss - you know, what the look is like. It essentially says why are you using that word and what exactly does it mean?

Again, I decided to validate my usage with the help of Google.

Pick your favorite definition. I feel that my usage was appropriate.

cruft (noun)
Cruft is computing jargon for "code, data, or software of poor quality". The term may also refer to debris that accumulates on computer equipment. It has been generalized to mean any accumulation of obsolete, redundant, irrelevant, or unnecessary information, especially code.

1. (computing, informal) Anything old or of inferior quality.
2. (computing, informal) Redundant, old or improperly written code, especially that which accumulates over time; clutter.

Thanks very much to wikipedia and the wiktionary.