Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As most of my co-workers would tell you, I'm not afraid of refactoring code. Firstly, I think that doing it more often helps relieve development debt. Secondly, I believe that it helps me not become too attached to a given way of solving a problem. Though refactoring is generally a good thing, if one's not careful, bad things can come of it. This is perhaps why most people who write about writing software claim that uninterrupted time is so important. When you're in the middle of writing, or in this case transforming, code it becomes quite critical that the job is completed in a thorough manner. Half transforms, especially when we're talking about JavaScript, cause strange bugs that are difficult to track down.

So, when on that endeavor to improve code by changing it, make sure that you're able to complete the task at hand. I'm not sure about the best ways to tell those around you that you can't be bothered. I'd hate to appear rude, but I'd also hate to commit murder to my code by not completing a transform.

It's a thought anyway.

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