Thursday, December 20, 2007

Misc. Thoughts

I've not been as religious with Reader as I usually am. Things have been particularly busy at work, and I haven't been all that into reading when I've been home. There are still 938 items in my unread list, but I was pleased with several of the articles that I did get to read this evening.

I'm curious about Firefox, and the role that it will continue to play in the browser market. I'm a big fan. With that being said, I have to admit that I haven't installed it on my MacBook Pro. I've been happy with Safari. It's got some truly amazing tools to help with client side JavaScript/web page development. Hopefully the optimizations promised in ff3 will pan out the way the documentation claims that it does.

It was intriguing to read that IE8 has passed the famous ACID 2 test. More interesting than that however was the discussion of web standards given by Dean Hachamovitch who is the General Manager of the IE8 team. I have high hopes for IE8. As much as IE frustrates the hell out of me, I will admit that I love their rendering engine. The pages just look better in IE than they do on ff, at least in the Windows world.

Finally, I've found a renewed interest in frameworks that allow for some form of remote code invocation. We had a rather stimulating conversation about this at work today, but I still left with some doubts. EJB, Spring, Web Services, something else? Right now I tend to be favoring the something else category. Not that any of the above listed methods isn't a fine and valid solution, they just seem to be overly complex with what may appear to be their most simple configuration. More needs to be said about this, but the thoughts haven't fully solidified in my own mind.

That does it for tonight. I'll see what I can to do say more, particularly with regard to remote code invocation tomorrow.

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