Sunday, December 30, 2007

Homework to Do

After Friday's gripe session with regard to my 'meets the requirements' discussion and scriptaculous, a friend engaged me in a conversation today.

Him: Did you see the article I starred from Ajaxian in Reader, or did you just shift - a it into oblivion?
Me: I read through it briefly, but I'm really not interested in learning yet another framework.

I made some pathetic argument about building frameworks versus working/contributing to ones that already exist. Oh well. It's pretty clear that I'm fallible. If I'm half the programmer that I claim to be, I need to spend some real time with GWT. It's not fair for me to bag a framework simply on the ground that it's another thing that I don't have time for. Dion Almaer makes a good argument that GWT may actually simplify a developer's life. I'll repent and give this a try. More to follow.

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