Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Early Birthday

I'm kind of a clean freak. Particularly when it comes to my space at work. Maybe it's because I'm just pathological when it comes to my need to find order in things. I like to claim that my desires for cleanliness have nothing to do with my crazy brain; rather that it helps me to think better when things are organized. This means that there's a place for every tool I have at work, including my red Swingline stapler.

This morning when I arrived at my desk ready for the challenges of the day I noticed a piece of paper sitting where my stapler usually sits.

I kept my Swingline

I try to ignore it for about 30 seconds, then I ask my co-worker if he is playing some joke. He states that he "had nothing to do with it, really". I open all my cupboards and drawers, but alas no stapler was to be found. I mention to my co-worker that it's really going to be quite the challenge not going to all of our friendly cube neighbors asking if they've seen my stapler. I tried, but wasn't too successful at ignoring the happenings.

I ask around a bit. No one seems to know anything. I give up my search figuring eventually the stapler will come home.

I go to lunch, and when I get back the receptionist for the floor brings a box by my desk. Taped to the front is a sign.

Happy Birthday!

I open the box and see my stapler preserved in a layer of Jello. Well, it wasn't actually my stapler but it looked just like it. Yes, my co-workers re-enacted the prank that Jim played on Dwight in NBC's popular comedy "The Office".

In the end, I've got to say it was a pretty funny joke. No harm done, and really someone went to a decent amount of work to pull of a good joke. It really made my day.

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