Thursday, August 09, 2007

Vaison la Romaine - day 2

Castle Near Vaison la Romaine

We got to sleep in today - which was really nice. After a lazy morning in the hotel we ventured off toward Vaison la Romaine again today. This time we were much more confident on the roads which afforded us the opportunity to do a bit of exploring. Along the way we saw some beautiful vistas, and found a Michelin rated restaurant. Being in wine country I suppose its requisite that we splurge for an expensive meal, we really did have a lot of fun even if the bill was quite high. Once we got to town today we did a lot of window shopping, which means a lot of walking. There was some cool art, but the prices seemed a bit high for my taste.

We have one more day in the area and then we'll begin our journey to Italy via Nice. The train tickets say that we'll be staying in a train that has beds. I'm sure that will make for nice blogging, though probably from the Black Berry. It's time to turn out the lights, so I'll leave it at that.

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