Saturday, August 11, 2007

Short Day in Florence

I won't complain much, because the bed and pillows are soft, except to say that free, wireless internet should be a given anywhere in the hospitality industry. I'm glad that the Black Berry affords me the ability to post, even if it is short and without photos.

Once we were checked into the hotel and able to rest and clean up a bit, the day got much better. I even found a little bit of time to wash some clothes in my bathroom sink (pretty exciting eh?). Today really reminded me of the two art history classes I've taken. Seeing this art in person is quite different from. The slide presented to the dark room full of students. Florence really is a beautiful place.

Aside from the art, the shopping here is quite amazing as well. All of the names are here. One of the great finds of the day were silk ties for $27.00. At Nordstrom they are close to $100.00.

Of course, I've just scratched the surface of this great place but tomorrow it's off to Rome.

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