Friday, August 03, 2007


Prague Castle Cathedral

Today we took an official tour of the city of Prague. It mostly focused on the Prague castle and the surrounding “lesser town”. It is stunning and humbling to stand next to buildings that are so very old. Our guide informed us that the cathedral next to the Prague castle was under construction for 600 years. While on the walking tour I came to the conclusion that my desk job is far too comfortable. There used to be a time when being on my feet that long wouldn’t have tired me at all. However, now I am thinking that I really need to get on that bicycle a lot more when I get home. Late 20’s is too early to be feeling old.

In other news, the food scene has been quite good. Breakfast provided by the hotel was more that adequate, we had a nice mid-afternoon snack provided by the mini-bar in our room and dinner was a fantastic traditional Czech meal eaten in an outdoor street café. The meal itself was roast beef served in gravy with dumplings. It was full of flavor, and very hearty. An additional plus is that there was live jazz music provided by the café: saxophone, piano and bass. It was a super classy experience. Yep, I’m a freak for that sort of thing.

The city of Prague is a thriving place, a beautiful city full of history and charm. Seeing people everywhere tends to make places feel more inviting and safe (though safe is a relative word). I’m convinced that I could spend several hours sitting at a table in a street café just watching people do what they do. Though I am sure that life here is busy and frantic at times, it seems to be just a tad slower, but none the less classy.

I’m still fighting the battle with time zones. My body wanted to be up and running at 3am this morning, and I was dead tired by 3pm. It is now bedtime, but I’m not feeling much like sleep. I hear this gets better with time.

Lots of pictures have been taken, but I’m not a big fan of photo editing on the laptop. I just can’t trust what I see on this LCD screen. Needless to say, there will be a lot of fun in editing trip photos upon my return.

"Lesser Town"

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