Monday, August 06, 2007

Prague to Paris

What a crazy day. Wake up call came at 3:45am. We dressed quickly so as to be in the hotel lobby by 4 for a quick sack breakfast, checkout and a ride to the Prague airport at 4:30. We then waited at the airport until our flight to Paris left around 6:30. Either the fruit salad I ate for breakfast or the gummy candies I ate before the flight really didn't sit well with me. I actually had to hurl on the plane. How very embarassing. Thank goodness the flight was short and I didn't get ill until the end.

Once in Paris, my aunt and I took off to go see some of the Louvre. What an awesome trip that was. We really only looked at early Italian and French renissance paintings, but it was a real blast. Later in the day I learned that if one wanted to see every piece in the Louvre and spend 20 seconds on each view, it would take 2.5 months to complete the project. It was super cool to see pieces of art that I studied in high school and at the university.

To wrap up the evening we took a night bus tour of Paris. It was spectacular and beautiful.

Sorry for the shortness, and no pics, but I refuse to spend $30/night on internet; which means the Black Berry has to do, but one can only do the thumb keyboard for so long.

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