Saturday, August 04, 2007

On the way to Plzen


I'll keep it short tonight. The public transit situation in the Czech Republic is VERY interesting. It is deserving of its own little story which I really don't have a lot of time for right now. We made the journey from Prague to Plzen via train today and as I mentioned, it was quite the experience. I now know what it is like to be in a place where no one speaks your language and you have no understanding of what is going on around you. Thank goodness we made it to Plzen intact.

The Czech countryside is beautiful. It is nice (and frightening) to get out of the way of the tourist traps. Out here in the country, one really begins to feel what the people and place are really about (and the price of food and shelter comes WAY down).

Last night I didn't wake up at all. Though I was still really tired this afternoon. Thank goodness for naps. All is well.

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