Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Void

I keep waiting for things to get less busy, but they never will. So far as the personal details of my life, I graduated from the University last week! The graduation commencement and convocation activities were really great. I appreciated the advice that was given and the thoughts that were shared. The whole experience was rather emotional. It's been almost seven years since the beginning of this journey. At first I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but then I found a real passion for computing. Changing my major may have added three years to my time at the University, but it was a good move for me personally.

So now that I have that piece of paper that says I jumped through collegiate hoops, I feel something of a void in my life. Yes, I should be quite happy that I won't be spending hours and hours on homework, but I really did come to enjoy the process of programming for personal education. I've decided that I must be involved with projects that force me to keep learning. It looks like I'll be playing with Ruby in the coming weeks, so though I am a Java developer by day, I'll play with Ruby by night, and hey, I might just get the hang of that Linux thing while I'm at it. I'll work on filling the void with extra sleep, programming projects, and it couldn't hurt to start dating. I'm starting to feel old.

Anyway, here's to change!

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