Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More and Less

It feels like that time of week that I should sit in front of the computer and write some semblance of a blog entry. Just remember, this forum was never meant to be a work of literature, though I must admit that since I changed the style of things around here, I feel obligated to write more rather than less. Life is strange sometimes. There has never been more, and less, going on at the same time. Work continues to be interesting, fun, challenging and full of new problems to solve. I really love work. The countdown I have on my Google homepage tells me that I have sixty five days left of school as an undergraduate. As ironic as it is, I thought that I suffered from “senior-itis” the last few months of my high school career, that doesn't even compare to how I am feeling now. There is a rather large, and somewhat interesting project to be working on for school, but I have the hardest time forcing myself to work on it. It does involve some of my favorite topics though; compilers, programming languages, and web-architecture. I think that the real problem is that after putting in a 10+ hour day at work, coming home and doing more programming isn't very appealing. And so I say, there is more and less, going on at the same time.

I've found that when I don't want to do homework there are several good time sinks.

Twitter – if you haven't tried it out, you really need to. It's like blogging only way easier, and in the tongue-in-cheek words of my friend Curtis, way less thoughtful. I think it is fun, I should probably work on expanding my network there though the realm of instant messages and text messages still feels a little personal for people that I only know through blogs.

Reader – when in doubt, find some more blogs to read. I really like the way that you can share read items there, it's particularly interesting to see what another person found novel, important, or useful. I like it a lot better than I like link blogs, though those do serve their purpose too. If you have a feed of shared item's give me a shout out so that I can add you.

Flickr – the good 'ol flickr. Visually stunning, and always enough to keep that little voice in my head telling me that I need to get outside with my camera a lot more than I currently do. I think that in the coming weeks that will be remedied as I just spent some coin on a new tripod. I am very excited about it, it's really nice, and will let me play with some of these new fangled techniques that I've been yearning to try like HDR.

American Idol – Yep, I'm a sucker for this show. I can't explain it, well I can it has to do with having no life, but, it is still quite entertaining. It's fun to see how my personal opinions about the performers and performances compare with those of the judges.

NBC Comedy Night – Earl, The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock. Need I say more?

When you've got the Internet and television, who needs homework. I'll be more focused tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So...this blog done? Just would like to clear up favorites list if so...

Joe said...

Don't give up on me yet... I'll get something up soon.