Monday, February 19, 2007

Day Off

Holidays are great indeed. In the past, I've been one to try to use a holiday to make up for lost hours at work. However, things are a bit different this semester, in that I only have two classes at the University. This means that I am actually at work a lot more often, during normal business hours, and because I am actually not behind on my hours, I figured that actually enjoying a holiday might not be such a bad thing. And I haven't been disappointed.

I've spent most of my day reading. I started a subscription with Communication Arts sometime in December, and my first two magazines came in the mail sometime in January. I've just been too occupied with other things to get to reading them. Not only are the magazines beautiful on the outside, they're beautiful on the inside too. Yes, I know, this should be expected from a magazine that caters to the design community, but still, it was fun to look through the art, and read the thoughtful articles. It's pretty cool stuff. You may ask, why would a programmer geek be purchasing a subscription to a design magazine? Well, I hold this idea in my head that deep inside the psyche of every programming geek is a designer (though not often a very good one). So, in an attempt to train my sense of design, I've decided to read this magazine. It's good to have balance right?

I also finished Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs today. That book, could really be an entire blog post on its own. Rather than spilling my guts in a review though, I will say that the book presents some though provoking philosophies on the society we live in, and “low culture”, which to some extent every person has some contact with, no matter how cultured they think that they are. I don't know that I can actively recommend this book, as I think it would be offensive to most people I know. At any rate, I finished the book for a book club and though I don't agree with some of the points the book makes, it was thought provoking none the less.

Until today, when it decided to snow an obscene amount for February, the weather has been getting nice, and I have decided to take some time each day to walk around the neighborhood with my camera. This serves two purposes. First, it allows me to get some much needed time away from the computer screen for exercise (since the heart association tells us that 30 minutes every day is a good idea). Second, it gets me outside with my camera, which should hopefully allow me to get more photos on flickr in the near future. I'm on a black and white kick currently. I may try to stick with it for a month, just for the sheer fun of it, and the fact that I've decided, I am no good with color correction on raw photos.

School has really been rather anticlimactic to this point. I really imagined my last semester at the University to be something very different from the way it is going. This doesn't mean that things aren't good, they are just different. The “senior project” is going well, and I think it is quite interesting, though there is quite a bit of busy work surrounding the real work for that class. The “industry forum” seminar that I attend once a week has been very enlightening. The speakers are well qualified to be presenting to the class, and the topics are diverse and engaging. The countdown on my Google home page tells me that I've got 74 more days until I'm done with school, it's both cool and frightening at the same time.

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