Friday, January 19, 2007

She's a Gonner

I tried to bring the desktop back to life last night, and it just didn't happen. I think that this get mac advertisement sums it up quite well.

As much as I would love to go out and purchase a new computer (and I probably still will in the coming months) it just doesn't feel right at this moment. There is some nice hardware in that machine, and it would be nice if it could be used. To get me through the next several months I found a similar motherboard and processor. It's a bit of a downgrade, but I will be able to use my existing RAM, video card, and drives. Hopefully this swap out will fix the issue.

If throwing another band aid on keeps it going for a few more years, I'll consider myself lucky. Or as I heard quoted somewhere from my past "Use it up, wear it out, fix it up, or do without". Hooray for frugality.


Anonymous said...

What died?

Joe said...

I believe it was something wrong on the motherboard. At least that is what I hope it was, otherwise, this is becoming an expensive venture in computer guts.