Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I've Been Thinking (a very little bit)

  • It really would be fun to work on some hobbies again. Like photography, recreational reading, or web design.

  • Most things that are worthwhile don’t happen over night, or even in the span of a couple of days or weeks.

  • 13 hours of coursework taught at the graduate level, is not the same as 13 hours of coursework taught at the undergraduate level, even if you are only getting undergraduate credit for them.

  • Every good coder should either learn to be proficient at UI/graphic design, or they should make friends with someone who is.

  • Good intentions don’t get the project done, nor do they make for good excuses. People (professors and bosses) want results.

  • Though important, sleep is over rated, or maybe if you’re so busy that sleep doesn’t fit into the schedule well, you’re doing too much.

  • All of the “academic” “sanitized” reading in the world won’t teach you everything that you need to know about a topic, as much as Amazon is great, sometimes you just need to get out there and get your hands dirty with the practice of the art or trade.

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