Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Must Hear Music

I think that there are some songs that every person should hear at least once in their lives. Last year I had the opportunity to go to hear the Utah Symphony play Mahler’s fifth symphony in C Sharp Minor. The fourth movement of said symphony is one of the most powerful themes I have ever heard. A little bit of classical music does everyone some good.

Last weekend on public television there was a documentary on about Leonard Bernstein. Throughout his life, he really had a love for Mahler, and they showed him conducting the Adagietto(fourth movement) from the fifth symphony. I was reminded of how powerful the piece really was. I already had a recording, but tonight I had to go and get the one with Bernstein as the maestro.

Take a moment for yourself, visit iTunes, buy the track, and give it a careful listen.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog--the pictures too! i'll try Mahler!