Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Turns Two

So at the one year anniversary I worked on having a new template set up, and it was quite exciting. As you may or may not have noticed, I tried to launch a new template at the beginning of the summer, and it just did not work for me. Well, not exactly for me, but for people using IE, and people who don’t believe in SIFR, or more bluntly people who use some add blockers that stop ALL flash from being rendered on a page. The summer just got busy, and re-visiting the site design didn’t make it to the top of the priority queue. Therefore, turns two today, and we’re subject to the same visual theme you’ve been seeing for the past 365 days.

Since we’re on the topic of, I thought I would take a moment to talk about how much fun this blog is for me. I haven’t been as dedicated about writing as I have in the past, but I think that this decision has a lot to do with my own insecurities in writing about software, and trying to find the mixture of personal/professional posts. As things got heated up with school and work at the beginning of this year, blogging was forced into the back seat. You see, I have this guilt complex that if there is homework to be done, or some other task that I am accountable for, it is very hard for me to sit down in front of the keyboard to bang out my thoughts into some set of cohesive words. I’ll try to find a better balance, just keep coming back. Anyhow, even though I haven’t blogged as religiously in the recent future as I have in the distant past, I still love it, and I’ll try to do better in the coming months.

And now for some brief updates:

  • I am still working on that website for my neighbor, though I got a template designed, I really didn’t find a pre-built paypal-compatable shopping cart that I liked, so I have been working to build my own. The site is “due” in a couple of weeks, so I really need to settle in and finish up. The catalog is done. Now I need to write the actual cart.

  • Fall semester starts today. I’ll try to write more about that tomorrow, after I’ve seen all of my classes. It will be interesting as I am going to try to do fulltime work/school this semester. My pocketbook is happy with this idea, we’ll see how the brain and body feel in a week

  • Don’t leave your RSS reader unattended for more than a couple of days. I just did this and had more than 300 articles to view this morning.

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