Monday, July 24, 2006

Towel Season

If you'’ve ever had the occasion to read Ron Carlson'’s At the Jim Bridger, you would understand what mean when I say that I feel something like the character Edison in the short story "“Towel Season"”, before he found himself, and was able to let go of his work long enough to enjoy the summer. I am enjoying the summer, but I wonder if I should put the programming books aside for a bit and just enjoy the warm summer nights, rekindle some old friendships, and have fun. Not that programming isn't fun, it just seems to be somewhat consuming, and it tends to make me feed a bit overwhelmed. No matter what I am up to, I feel like I should be working on something else. Maybe the week will provide more clarity on that one. I donÂ’t have a lot of control over the projects I am assigned to at work, but I have a great deal of control what I do with my time when I am not at work.

There must be a place for binary and towels as well.

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