Saturday, July 22, 2006

Linux - It doesn't like me.

There are some advantages to having purchased a new hard drive for the purpose of playing with operating systems on the laptop. One of them being that when everything seems to be completely messed up, I can swap out the new hard drive for the old one and have everything be _exactly_ how I left it. That’s happy. It seems that every time I get this real fire under me to become a Linux user, I a day or so into it, and the wind leaves my sails. This time it worked like this.

New hard drive arrives.

Install Ubuntu Linux on the new hard drive.

Try to get things to work on Ubuntu, you know, the basics… fail miserably.

Install windows on the new hard drive, update windows.

Download SUSE Linux.

Install SUSE Linux.

Get audio/video/multimedia working on SUSE, things are happy.

Try to install ndiswrapper so that I can use my internal wireless card rather than the external PCMCIA card.

In the process of installing the ndiswrapper, hose the Linux kernel somehow.

Notice that the system doesn’t boot into SUSE Linux anymore.

Try to repair SUSE to no avail.

Try to re-install SUSE, to find that it just wants to further partition the hard driver rather than installing on top of what’s already there.

Try to delete partitions, notice that it isn’t working.

Try to reinstall again, to no avail.

Think about re-installing windows so that it will re-format the hard drive, and allow me to delete the Linux partitions so that I can start over.

Decide that re-installing Windows will take longer than I care for today.

Take out the new hard drive, put it in a box.

Put the old hard drive back into the laptop, notice that it happily boots to windows – completely configured with all of the software I need/use.

Sit down at the Desktop to write this blog entry feeling beaten by the Linux nerds.

Ponder what sort of sacrifice the Linux nerds want you to make in order to join their camp.

I really don’t know what the answers are. But it’s going to be a few days before I look at Linux again. The sheer power of the command line is so tempting, but I just can’t get it to do everything I want it to do, and currently the thought of going through two complete reinstalls is more than I think I can bare.

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