Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is there a better way?

So now that I am all converted to Google Reader I have SO many RSS subscriptions that it is a nightmare just trying to stay on top of it. I had a busy day at work, and didn't get to look at it until this evening... 166 unread articles.

Too much me thinks! Perhaps it is time to write an app on top of reader that helps with the filtering. Of course I opted into all of that stuff, but there needs to be a way to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Anonymous said...

What concerns me is that every one of your posts is about you. Never about anyone or anyones at large. Simply about you. Is every decision / thought / action / effort centralized around Joe?

Unknown said...

What concerns me is that this sounds a lot like Chris, although it seems like far more trouble than he's usually willing to go to just to give Joe some crap.

The irony of it all is that anonymous points out that "ever one of your posts is about you." when I beleive that's the whole intent of this blog. (I'm just sayin')

Joe said...

Of course, you win some and you loose some. Given the comment found by an anonymous poster in this post

we see that things were far too sterile. Eh... if it is Chris, more power to him for having an opinion. If it isn't well, more power to that person. I'll keep writing for me, and when I have something profound to say that isn't about me, I'll writ that too!

kate said...

To anonymous:
Does each person not create his or her own culture? Keep writing about yourself Joe. I'd argue you don't write enough about yourself, your thoughts and feelings. But I'm happy about what you do write, and don't question what it is you choose to indulge or divulge on any given day. (If your own blog isn't safe, than what is? Geez!)

P.S. Dear Anonymous: I think you're totally a jerk. And remember when people kept journals, in the old days? Maybe blogs were supposed to, you know, play with the journalistic medium. Give that a think.