Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Evening

Forgive me for a personal moment.

A story told as only my little sister Kate could tell it. I found it quite moving. As I went though the evening I thought that perhaps I would try to soak up the event so that I could write to her and tell her what it was like. How I went to Old Navy and purchased new clothes, how the yard had been beautified, and what the foods on the tables looked like, and how it was good to re-unite with old friends. However, it appears that being one of us; she already knew what it would be like. Of course her words are far better than the ones I would have come up with, so I'll share them with you. We miss you dear Kate, but know you are doing great things.

Here’s what she said:
“I remembered that sometime tonight, while I’m asleep, there’s a party happening at my house. Alex mowed the lawn today, and Mom’s potted plants welcome people onto the porch and patio, which I assume someone swept. Turner barks in Mom’s room, checked on periodically. Maybe some kids pick up a basketball in the driveway. The food tastes incredible: the dense Mrs. Field’s recipe brownies, homemade chocolate chip cookies, quality bakery purchases, and probably some bowls of Tostitos and cashews. Mom and Dad probably feel a slight degree of awe at the critical mass the place might reach: Alex has so many friends. Alex acts kindly to all present, tries his best to treat them all as if they were the most important person there. I hope Jessica drew him a picture, and that Hadley laughs in some corner chatting with Annie. He’s leaving and I’ve already said good bye. People celebrate him and wish him luck somewhere very far away, and somewhere far away is where he is for a long time now; to me Novosibirsk and Salt Lake synonymously distant. I’m sure at the end of the night Mom will feel a degree of relief; the anticipated party over, the guests delighted at how nice the yard, how pleasant the company, how well planned. I suspect my siblings might feel how I do, after all this talk, all this anticipation. We’ll miss him terribly. In our various places, even if alone in our rooms, we will each cry.”

Goodness I love her writing.

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Sam said...

I agree. Where is Kate these days?