Thursday, May 11, 2006

TV and a Quick Update

If you haven’t been into TV at all lately, you really ought to catch up on my two favorite television shows. I have been a diligent ALIAS fan since season one, and at this point you can get all of the past seasons on DVD. In the next three weeks, we’ll see the end of that great show. You can’t help but love a show that stars Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber. I really dig the spy stuff, and it is told in such a way that it isn’t all special effects and shoot ‘em up scenes.

Secondly, everyone that works in an office must watch NBC’s The Office. It has a little something for everyone. Office comedy, office gossip, and office romance, of course it is dramatized, but every thing has some hint of reality that you really would see in your own little cubicle farm. Tonight’s season two episode knocked my socks off. Let’s put it this way. Every Jim needs a Pam, and every Pam needs a Jim. I’ll admit it, the tension in that relationship totally has me hooked on the show.

Of the stuff that pays the bills, and supposedly keeps the world turning ‘round. I am learning and growing every day. No, it isn’t like writing low level operating system code, but it is coding, and it is specialized. The projects are large, real, and meaningful. I am getting used to being in the office every day, and making some friends on my new team. It is a good job; I work with awesome people and am having a great time.

I would like to say that I have some project burning on the side here, but this week my time has been sucked up by trying to kick start my photographic eye, working long hours in the office (7 – 6 ish), and church duties. I went to REI with my Dad last night, where he pleasantly surprised me by gifting me the remainder of the stuff I needed so that I could ride my bike without worry about getting stuck and not being able to repair a flat. So I know that a bike ride is defiantly on the book for Saturday. I think that I’ll try a 12 mile ride and see how that suits me. So as far as side projects, I have some stuff in mind, but haven’t got anything firm planned yet. Time will tell. One week into summer, and it feels like I am just playing catch up with all of the life that I put on hold while working on school. I won’t complain, it could be a lot worse, and I am grateful for the opportunity to go to school. To any reader’s holding out that I post something of technical use, just hang in there… I know there is stuff brewing in my head, it just isn’t ready yet.

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