Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It would make sense to be a more active writer around here since school is out, but it seems that other things have called my attention and even though I am not working on homework, I seem to be finding things to fill the void. The summer appears to be off to a great start, though I am currently feeling somewhat paralyzed as to what exactly I should be doing with my free time. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to wish time to hurry along its way, but I am excited for next week, as my photography class will start up. I also decided to take an early morning spinning class offered at the university. It meets two times a week and will be a great way to get some rigorous training as far as my cycling goes. Speaking of cycling, I have yet to take any major journey’s on my bicycle mostly partially out of my own laziness, but also out of the fear that because I haven’t bothered to purchase a portable set of tools, an extra tube, an air pump, and a “hydration system” that I’ll get going on the road and something terrible will happen. I just need to go visit REI once more and spend a little bit more cash, and I should be set to go… absolutely no more excuses. I said that I would ride to work, and it’s time that I kept that promise.

There is probably more to say, but it isn’t coming to mind right now, so I’ll leave it here. It’s probably time to sit down and formalize my summer life so that things aren’t in so much limbo. Then there will be time for writing, programming, reading, exercising, yard work, dating, photography, and all of that other good stuff. With a solid schedule perhaps I won’t be so… distracted.

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