Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chill Music

I was in a music mood this evening, and resorted iTunes (like I always do). I found this totally sweet smooth jazz album by Chris Botti called When I Fall In Love. Some pretty great soft trumpet. I was an instant fan. What would I do without iTunes?

So, less then 24 hours to freedom (summer), I am studied out for this semester. I think that things will go well on tomorrow's compiler's test. My group project demo in the afternoon should also be just fine. Regardless of the outcome, barring any unfortuntate events, tomorrow will mark the end of my junior year (and my sixth as a college student - but that's another story).

Still no camera puchase. I guess I need to do more homework before I will be completely ready to make the purchase, but I'm sure it won't take longer than a couple of weeks. I really want a DSLR for this upcoming class.

More on free life tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

I just hopped over to iTunes to check it out. That's really some great stuff! Purchased.