Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Ramblings

It was a Monday in every sense of the word. The alarm went off this morning at 5:15 am, and bed nearly won the battle between me and the waking world. Never the less, I was at work sitting in my shortly after six. Getting up early in the morning isn’t such a terrible task if one goes to bed at a reasonable time. I wasn’t too religious about getting into bed last night, so I have spent most of the day today with that dazed and confused feeling. I am sure you know what I am talking about. It is the one that convinces you that bed time is something that should always be observed.

Even though I was not completely mentally engaged today, I think that I made some great progress on various projects at work. I delved more seriously into Jakarta Struts today. My mentor spent a few hours with me this morning explaining and demonstrating how exactly I will get all of my various beans to talk together in some beautifully organized way making the application work happily and effectively. I am now understanding why my first Java project was just straight up Java Server Pages. This struts stuff adds significantly to the complexity of the whole thing. I do think however, that once I get the hang of it the up front investment in learning will have some great dividends. I wrote a session bean today, and got all of my data-access classes completed. It is always exciting to learn something new. There are also some rumblings that I may get a job title change here in the near future that would allow me to shed my QA responsibilities and put all of my work efforts into development. Exciting stuff if you ask me.

On Mondays I only have one class, compilers. All I can say is that I am awed and amazed with the beauty of the modern compiler. The time and effort that the men and women put into making them as efficient as possible is mind numbing.

If I get some time, I would really like to delve further into my fascination with AJAX. I can imagine so many great ways that it could be used with the applications that I am building at work. I suppose that it is just one of those things that will come with time. Once I am firmly planted with Struts, and Java web application development, I will have to spend some time with it. Of course, there are those that whisper C# from the corners, and I am sure that looks great too.

When do people find the time to learn all of this stuff?

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