Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Whitmore Show is Up

My sister, aunt and I met with Robert Hall and his wife, Tiffany, this morning to hang my photo show at the Salt Lake County Whitmore Library. It was an exciting experience for me as I have never taken any of my photographic work all the way to presentation before. Seeing the pictures mounted, matted, framed, and hanging on the wall in a public place really is cool. The show will be there for the next six weeks so if you are near the Cottonwood area of Salt Lake and happen to have a few minutes, you should stop by and take a look.

I had never planned on doing a show with my photos. For me, photography is one of the ways that I ground myself in reality. It is a way to express feelings, and to remind myself how I saw the world at a given moment in time. Each photo has a story. I can remember how I felt, what I was thinking, and why I took each one. For me photography is a tremendously personal experience, each photo has meaning to me. If a photo I take happens to be appealing to another person, that is even better, but it certainly isn't the primary goal.

I learned a lot getting this show ready. There is quite a bit that goes into getting a print from where you are happy with it in photoshop to seeing it mounted, matted and framed. I find that as I have 'finished' some of these photos, that I have grown to love them even more than when I first shot them.

Thanks to my aunt, Tiffany, and Robert for making this happen. I am glad that you three saw some potential, and decided to give me a chance.

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