Thursday, February 02, 2006

C# and SOAP and Sockets, Oh My!

There is something wonderful and horrible about learning a new language. Especially a language as powerful and expressive as C#. This is a diagram that I put on one of the whiteboards at school yesterday, as me and a few friends were trying to figure out how exactly our "who wants to pretend to be a millionaire" game would work. No, the title wasn't ours, it came with the assignment. This is my first go with sockets communication between clients and servers, and my first experience with SOAP as a protocol for web services. There is a lot of ground to cover, but it will be a fun process, and the end result will be somewhat entertaining. I'll finally have something that my family members can look at and maybe play with.

Here's the quick rundown.

  • I finished my implementation of a MAXMIN heap this evening.

  • The project that goes with the picture above is due next Wednesday, and it really has to do a lot of stuff. It will be a fun project, but finding the time to do it will be a challenge.

  • The parser phase of our compiler is also due on Wednesday. We have the grammar done, but we have still have a lot to do with regard to building the Abstract Syntax Tree

  • I have just about finished building my first web application at work. It will be ready for QA testing when I go home tomorrow. It has been a really fun project, and I have learned a lot.

  • I am supposed to go hang my photo show... Though I really don't know when that is going to happen. I know they wanted it to be up this week. Maybe Saturday.

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