Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekend Redux

It was a good and busy weekend. Yes, I know that many of you will have tomorrow off for Human Rights day; however, being an exceptionally poor student who needs to meet several looming financial obligations, I will be at work tomorrow. So yes, my weekend ends tonight.

This weekend was quite exceptional I feel that I got a lot accomplished, and am feeling good about the upcoming week. I got caught up on all of my class reading for school, I made some major progress on a project for work, and I finished choosing and printing the photos for my upcoming show in February. Quite a bit could be said about each of the above tasks, but I think that the most interesting are the photo show, and the progress on the work project.

The time has come for me to get serious about JavaScript. It seems that so many of the things that I want to do with the application that I am building right now are dependant upon it. It was fun this weekend to see the UI for my project actually become something that worked as I envisioned it. It still needs to be styled, but the guts are there, and that is what I was most worried about when I left work on Friday. It probably wasn’t the wisest choice to work on work at home where I don’t get paid for it, but I don’t know if my employer would have appreciated me spending 14 hours on the clock just figuring out how to make a particular JavaScript widget to work. At any rate, it does what I need it to do now, and it will be slick.

The photo show is getting closer every day. The frames arrived from Light Impressions on Friday, and now that they are here, I can’t really ignore the project much longer. Saturday, I got all of the pictures chosen and printed. Because my camera’s resolution isn’t too hot I can’t get good reproductions larger than 5x7, so I am choosing to print a 5x7 centered on an 11x14 piece of paper. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look bad. Tomorrow or Tuesday, I will be taking the prints and the frames to a local wholesale shop and having the art assembled. Originally I thought I would like to get the glass, mats, foam core, backing, hanging hardware, and assemble them myself, but have since decided I don’t have time to do it on my own. Still to do for the show is writing a bio, getting a head shot of myself, and making the title/price cards for each piece.

I am torn by the prospect of selling these prints. After all, they are just ink jet prints right? How does one put a price on that? An artist friend who has been doing this a lot linger than I have told me that it wouldn’t be self respecting to sell them at cost. I guess I have two weeks to think about that. I just can’t imagine people paying for this stuff. It just comes from me, I saw something cool, and made it into a picture. Perhaps, I will just decide not to sell them at all.

As far as the head shot goes, I hate getting my picture taken, without fail it is always a miserable experience for me, and the results are never what I want them to be. I have never gotten into the self portrait thing, but maybe I should. Time will tell on that one.

Church, School, Work, Photo Show, and what is left of my Social Life.
It will be a good week provided I can keep all of these projects in the air at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on the photo show! I bet those prints will look great in the frame...

Hamm said...

Hey Joe, glad to see you are still blogging, and keeping up with your hectic life. I started blogging again a while ago, feel free to pop in, I still read here every once in a while.