Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Morning Reflection

You might wonder what I am doing awake at 7:15 AM on a Sunday morning, but for me it just seems a regular part of my day. Since December, I have been getting to work each morning by seven AM. That schedule also works well with my current school schedule, as it means I can get three hours of work in before I go to my first class of the day. Being acclimated to waking up between 5:30 and 6:00 AM makes 7:15 feel like a luxury sleep in. I couldn’t have stayed in my bed any longer had I tried.

School is going well. I have three classes this semester; a class on algorithms, a class on compilers, and a group project class based on the C# .NET framework. So far the classes have been great. The fun part about these classes is that they are using skills and knowledge gained in other classes. It is fun to be able to put something that you learned to practical use. As an example, I have worked many inductive math proofs, but never had a real reason to use one until last week when proving the validity of a recurrence relation. At any rate, it is really nice to be able to apply the things that I have learned to something that I am doing. The amount of reading that is expected for this current set of classes is nearly crippling. Not that it is terribly difficult to understand, it is just so voluminous, that getting through it all is proving to be a large challenge.

Work is a lot of fun, albeit somewhat schizophrenic. I have been working on my first development project, where I am the developer for a couple of weeks now. It has been a total blast. I am applying my education, and learning new things each day. I love the development part of my job. The schizophrenic part comes from the fact that they haven’t let me go of my QA/Support duties. So my typical day has coding in it interrupted by support phone calls, and interruptions to test stuff. Yes, that was really a technical description “test stuff”. I would like to move over to development completely, but there are still politics involved, so I’ll take what I can get for now.

The photo show is almost ready to go. I picked up the framed work on Friday. All that needs doing now is for me to write a bio of myself, and print up the title cards for each print. I need to have the pictures hanging at the library no later than the end of this week. The pictures look so good in their frames behind glass. It has been so exciting to actually take a print all the way a finished presentation.

Life is busy, and I don’t sit down to write as often as I should. One of the things that I was thinking about this morning is how grateful I am for life. It is special, and there are many reasons to have hope. Yes, there is a lot of wickedness in the world today, but there are also very many good people striving each day to make the world brighter. Everyone needs hope, and everyone can have it. It is something that we’ve all been given, but how often do we overlook it? How often do we deny ourselves of happiness, because we for some reason we don’t think that happiness applies to us? Yes, there is the daily grind, but love, life and happiness can be found in it if we will live with the right perspective.

Things aren’t easy but they are wonderful and good and I am grateful for it.

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"Things aren’t easy but they are wonderful and good and I am grateful for it."

Thanks for the reminder...