Thursday, January 05, 2006

Spam Makes Me Angry

SPAM. Aside from some emails that I actually cared about today; that was what arrived in my mail box. I understand that there are people who get hundreds or thousands of these each day, but I am not one of them. In fact I make it a point not to get any spam, and for the most part, I succeed.

I have been toying with the structure of this website the last couple of days, and for some reason the captcha module that I had been using to protect my contact form wouldn’t work with the way that I had changed things. Not to mention, it was buggy anyhow. So in my cleaning I removed it. What a mistake. Now, I know that this site doesn’t generate too much traffic, but receiving 42 spam emails in a matter of 24 hours is pretty sickening.

I wish that people would take a more active stance against spam. People shouldn’t open those emails, buy anything that they advertise, or patronize any website that does. It takes bandwidth, wastes programming time that could be spent on useful problems, and fills our hard drives with garbage. I seriously dislike messages created by robots delivered to my mailbox.

That brings us back to the problem at hand, the desecration of my mailbox, to solve this problem; I found a new captcha program. This one works better, but was a bit more complex, and frankly, I didn’t want to spend the time to incorporate my pretty contact form into it. This means that now when you click on ‘contact’ your humanity will be challenged, and if you can prove your human’ness’, I will show you my email address. That will just have to work until I feel like spending some more time with PHP and JavaScript.

I wonder how many people have to waste their time each day cleaning up after spammers and the ilk that they spread on the virtual world. It is probably mind numbing. Also, I wonder how many of the kids in my classes at school are the miscreants who will go out and create more of these spamming robots. Really, it takes some intelligence to make this happen, couldn’t said persons find something more constructive to do?

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