Saturday, January 07, 2006

Photographically Dead

It seems that when there is feast in one area of my life, there must needs be famine in another. This past week has been enlightening for me on the programming front. Some nice things just clicked into place and it was great. However, the famine right now seems to be in my ability to see the world around me. You see, I think I am artistically dead right now when it comes to photography. I can’t even make myself take the camera with me when I leave the house each day. The mental decision goes something like this:

“You really should take your camera with you today; there must be SOMETHING out there that you haven’t seen before.”

“Yes, but that might require you to break the routine, which means you will have to take a longer lunch, or perhaps change the habitual way that you go about your day.”

“That would be too much work, and I won’t see anything anyhow, so I’ll just get on my way to work… I’ll worry about pictures another day.”

And that is how weeks manage to pass between the times that I last posted a photo to flickr, and the last time I bothered to try to take pictures of anything new.

I am in a major rut, a veritable famine of photographic creativity. I see beautiful stuff every day on flickr, so I know it is out there, but I am beginning to wonder what it will take to break me out of my rut.

Any Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I'm hitting a rut also--and I even have a new camera! It seems that for me it comes with the season. Cold weather and bleak skies don't do much to make me want to go outside and capture photos!

Suggestions you say? Make yourself go out and shoot at least once. Go to a new place or even a place that you like. Go downtown, go out of town. Just go. Get away and enjoy being away with your camera. If you don't find any shots you like at least you got away!

rfin said...

I, too, am finding myself not wanting to shoot, even tho I have a new camera. But I do have a couple of suggestions. Carry the camera, just in just to get some stuff you can feel good about deleting. This is the photographic equivalent of free writing about nothing. As with free writing, you'll find that some of the shots aren't that bad. Don't let "mean photo editor" part of your brain say no to the "creative photographer" -- after all he's the guy who actually takes the photos.