Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Yes, I know that it is possibly one of the nerdiest things in the world to say that I have been having fun coding over the last couple of evenings, but I have. I guess that in the last little bit, some of the CS numbness has worn off, which allowed me to read a book.

If you have been anywhere near the web development community in the last year or so, one of the industry buzz words is AJAX. Well it isn’t exactly a word, but an acronym that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Though I agree with the camp that says this is a technique not a technology, I will say that it has to be one of the coolest techniques I have played with in regard to web architecture ever.

Curious to understand what exactly AJAX was and how it worked (yes, I am naive), I visited the local Barnes and Noble and spent the gift certificate that my sister purchased me for Christmas on Foundations of Ajax. It was a great book for several reasons. First, it wasn’t too long. Second, it was full of useful examples, generally stripped of any complexity. Third, it made the right assumptions as to what the reader would need to know. It wasn’t a book heavy on JavaScript, or server side code. It was simply about AJAX techniques. For the hard core web developer it may seem simplistic and very cookbook, but for a novice like me it was perfect.

For some time now I have wanted to have a link blog that didn’t pollute the content here. Not that I have said anything profound lately. Having a blog that uses the blogger engine as a CMS, I wasn’t sure how I could accomplish this, but the aforementioned book did a great job of enlightening me. So as a result of my reading and some toying around last night, I now have a link blog titled “elsewhere”. The coolest part about it is that I can read its ATOM feed using this nifty AJAX method and publish it here!

Now that AJAX has been de-mystified, I am actually more impressed with some of the world’s leading ‘AJAX’ applications, as I now know how much JavaScript went into making them go.

Now to find links for the newly christened link blog!


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Where is Michael?

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I am not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about Michael Sarver? His blog is at

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hmmm... I'm not sure what she is talking about...