Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Exit November

November is almost gone, and there is only one more week of classes, and a week of finals left here in fall semester. There are a lot of projects on the table right now, but the comforting thing is that in two weeks it will all be over. I am quite sure that I won’t be able to claim that I got out of this semester unharmed, but it will be over, and as always I will have learned some good lessons.

Before finals I have one more assignment to complete in each of my four classes, not too bad all things considered. The project that is going to take most of my time in the next couple of days has to do with writing my own MALLOC / FREE / and REALLOC functions. Thankfully it is a group project and I don’t have to do it all alone. I am however anxious about it, because we are being graded by our efficiency against the GNU versions of the same functions. I am not sure that I care to think about managing segregated free lists in order to gain constant time efficiency. It sounds like it would be more work than I have time to complete the project.

I have severely neglected my employer this semester. I think that I have been averaging 8-14 hours a week, and it is really quite amazing that I still have a job there. I think I bit off a bit more than I should have this semester. Three upper division CS classes are more than enough to keep any self-respecting person out of trouble. Throw in an upper division math class, and you are just shy of insanity. The best course of action seems to be putting the math minor on the back burner, and finishing the major by taking three classes each semester between now and the spring of 2007. This way I should be able to give adequate attention to my classes, and my employer.

Things at work have the potential to get quite fun in the months to come, as they are going to have me start developing rather than testing. I am excited by this prospect, and know that the experience gained in this venture is in some ways equally as important as my class work. They wanted me to start before Thanksgiving, but with my school commitment it hasn’t been logistically possible. In a few short weeks, I should be able to talk about getting paid to write code.

My desktop computer has decided that it doesn’t like me very much. I am not sure what the problem really is, but after discussing the problem with some friends (and having hosed my windows install by miss-diagnosing the problem and trying to repair the installation, which is something I know better than to do but did it anyway) we think that it may be the power supply that has decided to not work all the time. I don’t have the time or money to fix it right now, but maybe sometime in December after classes are out, I will be able to look more closely at it. I promise you here and now though, if it is more than a power supply that needs buying to fix it, I will be replacing it with a mac mini.

I think that does it for this update. I hope that I haven’t bored you to tears. I’ll catch you up on things again in a few days.


Anonymous said...

A Mac Mini heh? I just purchased a HP desktop. I was torn between a Powerbook or a desktop. For ease of software transferring I stuck with a PC...

Stick it out man...a break is almost there...

Joe said...

I grew up on Macs, and as much as my entire world revolves around programming in the Windows, Linux environment for school, I would really like to get back to my roots. I do feel your pain about the software though, as you could easily spend a few thousand dollars replacing software. Then again, you could also make the argument that with iLife you have almost everything you could ever need (minus Photoshop and MSWord). As great as iPhoto looks, I don't think I could ever use it as an editor.

I am confident that the problem with my desktop is the power supply though, so the Mac Mini is probably an idle threat.