Thursday, October 27, 2005

Still At It

I acutally had a pretty good time memorizing theorems, definitions and proofs for my analysis exam today. Though I really won't say how I think I did. Last time I thought the exam went well, and in reality it went quite horribly. Let's just hope that things went better today.

I am finding that really I need to find the courage and stamina to keep at this school thing. Sometimes I feel that my stumbling block is a lack of confidence that I can actually do this stuff.

I finished an optimization lab today. Thank the heavens above for the super smart people that think that stuff up and put it in libraries so that the rest of us can use it. There is something spectacular to be said for speed of an algorithm, but at the same time it usually makes it MUCH harder to read and debug.

The hours are long, and the problems are often frustrating. However, when a solution is found the joy is quite sweet. Time for bed. Thursdays are work days, work as in job work. I haven't been in the office for a week. Things will be interesting for sure.

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