Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Meager Update

An entire week, this is perhaps the longest I have gone without writing a blog entry since the beginning. It isn't for lack of things to say, but really for the lack of this precious commodity called time. Last week was pretty standard. Class, followed by lots of studying, I feel for the first time since school started this semester that am almost on top of my classes. I am not sure where it was that I fell behind, but it felt that after Labor Day I was constantly working on something. As my classmates called it, we were putting out the most urgent fire, and then moving to the next. Hopefully, with some additional effort, I will be able to not only put out the fires, but stay a little bit ahead.

As I am really not feeling much like writing sentences, I think I will use a list to summarize my week.

  • Finished two math assignments, and successfully completed a problem on the board in front of class.

  • Finished an assignment in Models of Computation, and studied hard for a test that I took on Thursday.

  • Completed an assignment in my Programming Languages class dealing with lazy evaluation in programming languages.

  • Managed to get into work for the first time in a week on Friday, they seemed understanding, but I am worried that I am letting them down.

  • Learned that one of my aunt's has been showing my flickr photo stream to people, and found a group interested in having me put on a show in a local library this coming January. (Yes this is exciting, but I can't think a lot about it now.)

  • Started to think about class registration for Spring, it looks to be a fun challenge.

  • Figured that if I work as diligently at school for the rest of the semester as I have in the past couple of weeks, that I will actually finish the semester ok.

  • Had a pretty lazy weekend, but felt that I deserved it.

That sums it up. There are a lot of details that I haven't fleshed out, but you probably get the general idea. I'll try to write more when I have time.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the photo opportunity! Hope that works out for you...

oh, and what a commodity time is eh?