Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Pumpkins carved by my sister and her boyfriend.

Lots of homework! But what's new about that?


Anonymous said...

Jane's pumpkin is decidely better looking than Matt's. I can't decide what drove her to be so precise. Thanks for that lovely Halloween present. I hear Mom didn't even buy 100 Grands and that Family Council rejected Annie's notion of attending an upper-classmen party. Seems that all is well. (P.S. I'm totally writing an essay about you.) I love you!


Joe said...

I don't know that I want to be 'essayed'. Do I have any say?

The big pumpkin in the picture was actually carved by one of Mom's school classes. Jane and Matt carved two smaller ones (one of them not pictured). Perhaps I should better caption my photos in the future.

Anonymous said...

Just assumed either one of them wouldn't wield a knife well...that is or that weird carving instrument in the same drawer as the measuring cups that usually just gets in the way.

The essay is about our trip to Eureka. And basically how you're the only sibling who I like to wake me up. And how I really admire you. I think being essayed can be a good thing.