Saturday, September 10, 2005

SUSE anyone?

It has been a fairly rigorous day. It started off quite early this morning with the installation of a hard disk drive I purchased at CompUSA yesterday. The disk drive was necessary if I was going to get Linux on the Desktop in a dual boot configuration. Yes, I know that I said I was done with Linux several weeks ago, but I have this class that won't let me, unless I am willing to live in the lab at school. Fedora was completely frustrating, but the machines at school were running SUSE, and it looked a lot happier, and felt a lot more friendly, so I decided that I would give it another go.

The setup was MUCH simpler, and so far things seem to be pretty happy. The sound isn't working right now, but I can do the important stuff (email, web, chat, program). If I get a chance, I will probably install SUSE on the laptop as well. Though I am 99% positive that I will have the same problems with the wireless card. However, I think that even if I can't get the wireless going on the laptop, between my desktop, and the lab at school I should be quite comfortable.

SUSE as an OS is good enough that I can happily do my work and not miss Windows too much. I really like the fact that I can browse all of my Windows files from the SUSE installation. It has meant that since I got this thing up and running I haven't had to switch back even once today. Yes, I consider that a major victory.

In other news, I am beginning to question the value of having the “contact” page on this website. I has been used legitimately a couple of times, but I have also received a TON of spam through it. I changed the script a little bit today so that hopefully I can weed out the spam-bots, but effectively broke the flow of the page if you don't give me what I want. I suppose I could try to do it with JavaScript, but I am not nearly as proficient in JS as I would like to be, so I slammed it with the PHP sledgehammer. Maybe if I find some free time in the next few weeks, I will revisit the issue. If anyone has any suggestions for those types of forms, feel free to pipe in. Do you all just put up with the spam? Do you try to filter on the sending or receiving side?


Brian Sweeting said...

So did you go with Suse 9.3 or Suse 10.0 RC1? I hear Novell is releasing 10.0 in early October.

Joe said...

Not feeling very adventurous, and wanting to get on with my homework I went with 9.3. I can't believe the difference I feel in using SUSE rather than Fedora.

I haven't read up on the differences in 10. Have you? Is there anything I am missing in 9.3?

Maybe I'll go give it a look.

jeff said...

For the laptop you might want to give Ubuntu Linux ( a try. I haven't used it but I've heard it's great at driver recognition, particularly with wireless (

It's based off the debian distribution which is very stable and has a great package management system. It's my preferred server distribution.

Joe said...

Thanks Jeff, I'll have to give that a look when I get a second. Maybe this weekend. The only thing that I noticed right off the bat on the Ubuntu distro was that it looks like it is packaged with the gnome window manager. One of the things I love about SUSE is that it uses KDE, which "feels" very friendly.

Ubuntu still looks like it may be worth checking out. I am kicking myself for being cheap on my laptop and getting the Broadcom wireless adapter rather than the genuine Intel one. Had I gone Intel, I would have a driver.

I have seen some stuff out on the net about NDIS wrapper, but to be honest, the documentation scares me. I need time that I don't really have to play with this stuff. We'll see where I get this weekend.

jeff said...

If KDE is what you like, then I think Kubuntu ( is what you'd want :).

Anonymous said...

Have you considered Mac OS X? I'm using it now, and my sound card AND 801.11g are working fabulously! Seriously, good support for most POSIX apps, good X windows support. Easy on the eyes. Can't go wrong. I hear you cousin at Apple can even get you a 15% discount.

Joe said...

anonymous –

I have read your comment multiple times between when you posted it and now, and it STILL makes me smile. My first computing experience was on a Mac, and every computer my family purchased was Mac until I got into college. I consider Mac OS X at least a couple of times each month, for all of the reasons you mentioned and more. I guess I should save up my pennies, and then go find my cousin at Apple.

OS X == Happy!

Anonymous said...

//I prefer to say:

while !(Happy = OS_X) {
printf "Dude, you should have got a mac.\n";
printf "OS X makes me happy.";

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