Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

Power, Fence, Water
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Labor Day turned out to be very nice. I must admit to not having done all of my homework, I enjoyed a nice ride out into the desert county of Tooele, Utah. My poor little Corolla didn't take too well to the dirt roads, but my friend Amanda and I had a good time. We took pictures of some old buildings, an abandoned car, saw a whole bunch of spiders at Salt Air, and visited the shore of the Great Salt Lake.

I have decided to milk out this photo op, so rather than sharing all of the photos at once, I will try to upload a new one every couple of days, until I have shown all of the ones that I care to post to the internet. This picture you see here, we found while traveling west on I-80, I was amazed with the reflection of the poles and fence in the still water. I had a friend mock me on Sunday night about taking a trip to Tooele, but I think that it paid off decently.

If anything, it was nice to catch up with an old friend. School starts in earnest now. No more procrastination weekends. I need to learn how to be a mathematician pretty darn fast here.

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