Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I want my Email

This has been my greeting for the past hour or so. I suppose this serves me right for moving the majority of my email traffic through Gmail. I love the interface, I love the ease of the whole thing, and thankfully down time has been non-existent in my experience until today.

Maybe my professors were correct when they warned against registering for the class mailing lists with "free" email accounts. Gmail never promised 100% up time. Some of my friends aren't having this trouble, and I can't find anything, anywhere about this "problem" on the net. However, I am experiencing it from any computer I try. The funny thing is, I can see the login screen, but the above message is what I get anytime I try to access my account. Oh, and just for the record my other google related account stuff works fine.

Let's hope that when I get up in the morning, I have email again. If not, I may need to re-think how I handle my email.

Thursday, September 8, 7:00 AM

Thankfully, I have my email again. There were even some messages in the inbox, so I don't think that anything was lost!

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Anonymous said...

Did you try POP'ing your email from GMAIL? I've been using Gmail for a quite a while now and have only experienced a message similar to yours once or twice and only for 15 minutes or less. I always use the web interface but I also POP a copy of all my gmail into the email client on my computer. When the web interface has been down I've always been able to POP a copy of my new emails to my email client.