Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Friday

If I said that I was bored a few weeks ago, perhaps I should have reveled in that boredom a bit more. After my first full week of school, there really isn’t time for boredom. With my four classes and a holiday weekend ahead, I have been loaded down with studying. Each professor has managed to find some nifty project that his students could work on over the holiday. Really, one can’t expect any less from a university. Even though it is early in the semester, the calendars are set, and there are many topics and conversations that need to happen by the December if the course is to be successful. The only way to ensure that is to keep pressing onward.

With any luck, I will be on top of things by the end of the weekend. At least to the point that I can enjoy a photo journey I have planned with a friend. On the Monday holiday, we want to go explore some ghost towns that are a few hours away by car. Something of a final hurrah, recognizing that from then on out, school will only get more and more demanding on one’s time and mental exertion.

At this point in my education, classes I took earlier are playing a more major role in the way that I understand my current tasks. Discrete Mathematics is helpful not only in Models of Computation, but in Introduction to Mathematical Analysis as well. Last semester’s class, Computer Organization and Design has been very enlightening with respect to Computer Systems. My Introduction to CS classes are quite helpful in deciphering concepts in my Programming Languages classes.

The reason I bother to write all this is that I am finally beginning to see the fruits of two years of labor. I am learning and growing as a programmer, and computer scientist. And for the record, I am in the camp that discerns between the two, but that would be a topic all to its own.

Oh, and congrats to the Utes for winning their opener tonight!

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