Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sofware to Ease Web Life

So I guess that I got into a mood to try new programs so I downloaded Sage, as suggested by Michael Sarver. It does a pretty good job, still not exactly where I would like to be with regard to RSS aggregating, but it is a bit closer than scrolling through all of the live bookmarks. For a free program, I really can't complain.

I also downloaded the newest version of Google Desktop. What an impressive piece of software. It is a lot closer to what I wanted with regard to feed aggregation, but I haven't come to a final decision as to my feelings on the side bar. I love the fact that I can subscribe to flickr RSS feeds and have random photos show up every few seconds. The fact that it also "learns" how I surf the web to show me things that it thinks I will find interesting is cool, albeit a bit big-brother-ish.

At the insistence of a friend who introduced me to Gmail a year ago, I also downloaded Google Talk this week. WOW! As Jeff Croft suggests, it doesn't really offer anything new to us, but I like the way it feels. It isn't as fully featured as my other two IM clients MSN Messenger and ICQ, but one thing I really like is that it fits right into the Google Sidebar. I suppose that if I have to give up desktop real estate for something, it may as well do everything I want from Notes, to Blogs, to News, to Instant Messaging. The big question is how to convince my ICQ and MSN contacts to move over to Google Talk.

I have a little bit of homework to do this weekend. I got most of the reading done last night, so I am on top of that. However, I do have a pretty good assignment to do in Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I. If I start now, I might have tomorrow off to rest.

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