Monday, August 01, 2005

Begin August

It just wouldn’t be appropriate to let the first day of August slip by without a blog entry. Today was a reasonable day at work. I worked on the specification that I drafted on Friday, and it is now set to be presented a meeting that will take place tomorrow. There is a lot of testing that needs to be done this week, and I imagine that it will take a great deal of my time between tomorrow and Friday. Thank goodness there is stuff to keep me busy.

I just finished reading this month’s Wired magazine, headlined “10 Years that Changed the World” celebrating the IPO of Netscape on August 9, 1995. What a fantastic article it turned out to be. This thing called the internet really has made its mark on the world, and though a decade is a great celebration, it is still young. We have much to look forward to in the form of online progress. It really is quite amazing that I can sit in my bed typing on my laptop that is wirelessly connected to over 8 billion websites. As the article pointed out, certainly the rulers of old would have paid a great price to have this wealth of information and knowledge. Lucky we are.

As my friends are in school are likely preparing for their finals this week, I am getting more and more anxious for things to get going again. Sure, there is a stack of reading that I would like to get through, and some additional features that I would like to build into the PodCast RSS writer, and a couple of other projects on the burners, but getting back to business will be good. I keep checking the class web pages waiting for updates, and so far haven’t found anything. Patience is the key to this one. In just a few weeks, I will see those web pages more than I will probably care to.

And so we begin August. As a child it was a time when all of my siblings would pile into mom’s car and go off for “back to school shopping” clothes, shoes, paper, pencils, and binders were the name of the game. Now August gives a little much-deserved rest to those who enrolled in summer semester, and reminds the summer rested that it is time to start thinking about academics again. This month will also mark this website’s first anniversary. I have one more small “vacation” planned for this month, it will be just the thing to end the summer well, a nice little three day camping trip. So, as I have enumerated this list. August is a good and busy time, a transitional month that bridges the easy living of summer repose to the rigor of fall academic exercise.

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