Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stats, Software, Books

After a week of blogging every day, I think I have finally run out of things to say for the time being. I also think that moving hosts has killed my audience. Perhaps for much of the world, the DNS change wasn’t as fast as it was for me. According to the stats with the new host, my visits are WAY down. Normally I get around 70 visits a day, and since my move, I haven’t seen even 50 visits yet. Pretty frightening isn’t it? This is probably where I should remind myself that blogging isn’t about who reads and comments, but about the process that I get to go through as I sit down and compile my thoughts every now and again. It should be a bonus if anyone else finds it useful.

I can give a quick update on my reading. I have been into the book PHP and MySQL Web Development, and reading a lot on php.net, while working on my podcast RSS writer. Being focused on the podcast project pretty much gave me an excuse to put Algorithmics aside again. I know that I need to grow up and finish the book. On my plane rides to and from Philadelphia I managed to polish off around three chapters. I should have just finished the book while I had the time, but it kept putting me to sleep. Not that the book is boring, but I have learned that sleepiness is my brain’s way of telling me that I am not following/digesting the information presented in the text. I get tired, and fall asleep— not that it ends the brain torture as I usually keep thinking/dreaming about the insane concept that I am grappling with. So much for Algorithmics being a book written for the lay computer scientist, true, you don’t need technical expertise, but you had darn well better understand math, learn quickly, and have the ability to keep track of a whole bunch of examples and anecdotes in your head at the same time, or it will just make the book that much harder to slog through. On a brighter note, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be out this weekend, and I can’t wait to get into that one. Maybe I should set a goal that I MUST finish Algorithmics before I can have the sweet dessert of the Potter book.

Tonight, rather than working on the Podcast RSS writer, I think I will turn off the PC and read about Algorithms.

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