Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stats Fixed, Beta Coming, Treadmill

Reading the fine print can often help resolve questions, if you take
the time to do the reading. It appears that DreamHost clears the log
files each day after their stat aggregator generates its pages. I had
set up awstats to run each morning at three AM, this is why I was only
seeing 7 visitors to the site. Because there had only been seven
visitors between midnight and three AM. I changed the crontab to that
it would run the awstat generator at 11 PM, and though I am sure that
I loose the few hits between 11 and midnight each evening, that is a
heck of a lot better than loosing a whole day. I read somewhere on
the DreamHost page that it is possible to save all of your logs, but
the space that they take up goes against your storage. It is probably
something to consider. At any rate, the mystery has been solved, and
I am still very happy with my new host.

I think I am just about ready to take my Podcast RSS Writer into beta.
I don't have any illusions about what this will be, but if it can be
of use to anyone, that would be totally cool. I still need to write
the documentation, and write some "approval" process code so that I
can throttle registration, but other than that, I think that version
1.0 is good to go. In the very near future I will be adding support
for automated posting to your blogger blog, and support for the Apple
iTunes music store (man those folks added a lot of, in some cases,
redundant stuff to the feed).

Before I can code tonight however, I have to pay the price for not
spinning this morning. The punishment is an hour on the treadmill.
When all is said and done, I will feel good for having spent the time

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