Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ready for a New Week

Well, I managed to polish off ten bugs this weekend on my RSS generator. It seems to me that as I am fixing the obvious holes new features keep coming to my mind. Some would be rather simple to implement, others would be a bit more challenging. I am pleased with where it is going, but as I work with the code more and more I am wishing that I had chosen to create classes, rather than just pages with an execution thread and a lot of functions. I may still go back and re-factor parts of it into classes that would make sense. It would compact come of the code down, and make maintenance a bit easier. Except for the fact that I haven’t been creating classes in PHP, I have paid attention to OO principles and made it so that most of the code can be re-used. However, I think that a query class would be SO nice.

As of the latest check-in the product is more stable than it was last week, not only that, but I think it looks a lot better as well. I am no CSS genius, but the layout is clean and consistent. It would be a lot of fun to get a graphic designer to make it look all professional, but I will have to go with what I can do myself for the time being.

There are some changes that I would like to make to the database tables, now that I better know what I want to be doing. Hopefully I can get that wrapped up early this week so that when rfin gets back in town, he can cut his teeth on a new version.

Being that I have to work at my real job all day tomorrow, I had better get to bed.

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