Friday, July 29, 2005


Last night my father challenged me to sit down and write one thousand words. He devised a template in the word processor thatwould hold one thousand words. If you are interested, you can do this by changing the margins so that the left margin is .5, and that all the others are .25. Then you add two columns with a space between the two that is .25. Set the font to Times New Roman at 12pt font size, and you are set to go. As I sit here writing this blog entry, I am using this formatting and hopefully it will focus my comments today.

When I sat down to take the challenge, I wasn't sure what I wanted to
say, or how I would say it. I just sat down and started writing
whatever happened to come to mind. In the end, I think that it was a
good flow experience. I didn't have anything in particular to write
about, but I was listening to a new Carole King album, and reminiscing
about my childhood. I am not sure if it made for great writing, but
the exercise of it all was good for the practice of it all.

I am quite pleased that it is Friday today. This week was tough, but
not as bad as last week. I guess that it is good that I can at least
say that things have been trending up. This morning I specked out
some workflow and program changes for an upcoming release. Program
design has been something in the past that has given me some anxiety.
I feel inadequate telling a programmer with years of experience how he
should change a program. Yet at the same time, I find satisfaction in
the idea that I am trusted enough to actually write the specification
for a project.

I drafted a flow chart before I wrote anything in word, or did screen
mockups so that I could take it to the programmer to see if he was on
the same page, and much to my pleasure he was ok with what I had
written. Of course there was a bit of the requisite grumbling about
making a change in the first place, but my position was well
justified, and the business owners had given unusually clear
justifications for the changes which made my job all the easier.

It seems that after the fiasco of last week everyone is trying
unusually hard to be cooperative and agreeable when it comes to
process, design, and the general workings of the office. I really
hope that things hold out and that they continue to be cognizant of
everyone's position in this great whirligig we call software

So, as I was saying, it is Friday, and that is a great thing. For
the first time in two or three weeks, it seems that some of the clouds
have cleared, and we are actually getting work done. I am also
looking forward to a weekend. It has been a while since I have taken
any photos, and I think it would be nice to get something new to post
to my flickr account.

Also I have realized that there are a whole bunch of books that I
would like to finish before I get back into school, and if I am going
to finish them I am going to have to dedicate more time than I have
been to the task. Some of the books are fiction, and others are
related to CS. The fact remains that I want to read them all, and I
know that when school gets going, I won't have the time. So here's to
my reading list!

I hope to be better at updating the blog here in the next week. I
know that I have slacked off; I just haven't felt much like writing,
and feel like I haven't had anything useful to say. I will try to
find some new and interesting stuff to write about.

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