Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Randoms

Yes, I am very glad that today is Friday.  Not just any old vanilla Friday, but a PAYDAY Friday!  The most wonderful and spectacular thing about payday Friday is that I can put some money in my savings account, pay off the credit card, and decide what kind of treat I deserve for working so hard to earn the money, except that I purchased my treat last week and yesterday, so today I won't be purchasing myself a treat.  While I am on the tangent of treats I will tell you that last Friday I purchased myself some new clothes at Old Navy, and had the car washed.  Yesterday I went to Boarders, and purchased myself a new book – OH and if you want to consider the Harry Potter book a treat, I purchased that for myself last Saturday.  So, all in all I think that I am pleasantly treated out for this pay period.

The great thing about today in addition to being Payday Friday is that it will put an end to what has been a "depths of despair" week.  I am not sure that the woes of my employer will go away, but at least everyone will be farther away from the whole thing.  I would just love to talk about the whole ordeal in more detail, except then I wouldn't have a job, and that would put a damper on the whole Payday Friday thing, and as much as I complain about work, I know that I am even worse when I don't have any. 

I have learned that when it comes to cookie cutter video game quests versus reading Algorithmics, the video game will win.  I suppose that explains why I can't trust myself to have video games installed on my PC when school is in session.  I have only two chapters to go in Algorithmics and that seems like too much.  Heaven help me next spring when I have to take a class on Algorithms.  If it is like this book I am reading, it will take a lot of brains and determination to keep that one in the air.  At any rate, video games have been a great escape this week.

I have a few Friday questions for you.  If anyone has any answers, I would love to hear them.

  1. Do you use a news Aggregator?  If so, which one and why do you like it?
  2. Do you know anything about compiling C code in Visual Studio .NET 2003, or do you know of any good C compilers that run in windows?
  3. I am looking for more blogs to read, any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

You spent the $ for the hardback Potter?

I hate the cattle call that release was.

Waiting for the softback or the cheap Ebay copy.

I can't fall into line with the rest of the world in salivating over some fellow Brits cheap fantasy tale.

Joe said...

> You spent the $ for the hardback Potter?

You bet! I loved it, and it was worth every penny. =)

Thanks for the comment! I do like getting feedback that someone read what I wrote.