Monday, July 11, 2005


I have been criticized in the past for ranting on this blog, but hey, it is my place to write about the things that matter to me.  So if I want to rant, why not?  Sometimes there are things that are just too annoying for words. I was confronted with two particular annoyances this morning, and I have decided to share them with you for your reading pleasure, and my sanity.

Annoyance #1: Corrupted iPod
I got an iPod for Christmas last year.  For the most part I have really liked it.  No, I don't use it for the hard drive.  Yes, I do use it for my music.  No, I don't have a lot of music, because contrary to the wishes of my younger siblings, I deleted all of our Napster age illegal downloaded music, and started over completely with only the stuff that I actually own, and the stuff that I have purchased off of iTunes circa Spring 2004.  This brings up my trouble with the iPod.  I don't know what causes it to happen, but apparently just plugging the dumb thing into my computer causes the drive to be corrupted.  It is really annoying, as iTunes claims that all is fine and well and that everything is concurrent.  However, Windows begs to differ by showing me this little warning triangle in my task bar.  I don't know what causes this to happen, but I do know that I am highly annoyed by it, and that I am VERY tired of formatting the iPod and starting over.  Today, I thought that I would take the iPod to work and listen while I worked, only to find that the darn thing is CORRUPTED AGAIN.  No iPod listening today, I should have just left the darn thing at home like I usually do.  Is this some curse of the Apple world on my iPod, because I plug it into a Windows machine?  My little brother has an iPod, he got one at the same time.  He also uses the Windows version of iTunes, but I don't think he has ever had this trouble.  Ideas?

Annoyance #2: Online Pay Statements
My employer has determined that they can save 300K each year in postage and printing costs if they don't print payroll earnings statements for the employees.  They instead have built a statement of earnings feature into the HR system, and think that we should be expected to log in to see it each week.  What a pain.  That is all I have to say about it.  The login process… if you have the page bookmarked.  Two logins and 8 clicks, that sure sounds convenient don't you think?  Before, all I had to do was open an envelope that they sent to me and put it in a file.  Now I have to go through this whole process just to find out how much I am getting paid each pay period.  Logging into the bank to see the deposit would be faster, but how can I check for accuracy if I don't go through their process to see the "online statement".  They claim that many other large employers already do this; maybe they do… but is it that inconvenient?  How about at least sending me an email notification with a link directly to the statement, where I only have to log in once?  All I can say is that there must be a better way that saves the company lots of money, but doesn't do it at the inconvenience of the employees!

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