Saturday, June 11, 2005

Small Update

It is probably about time for another pod cast. I am just not sure what I feel passionately about enough to speak on. I think it is amazing that people are able to sit and talk for 20-40 minutes without a script and keep it interesting! The past two days were primarily consumed with massive amounts of yard work. Doing some good old hard labor is good for the soul every now and again. I battled with our hedge, it was no trivial matter.

I spent some learning about RSS 2.0. On the surface it really isn’t as difficult as I thought that it would be. Now generating an RSS feed that automatically updates like so many of the CMS systems do now days, that is a bit trickier. I have started working on one using mySQL/PHP. The database schema has been worked out, I have defined what I want the functionality to be, and the installer has been written. Every time I play with PHP I am reminded of how much I really dislike its syntax. I still don’t like it very much, but it will be the medium in which I should be able to crank this little RSS project out… I hope. .NET, and Java feel like they should be so much easier to work with, but they don’t let you do JSP’s on hosted sites, at least not the ones you pay seven dollars a month for. If I wanted to move where this site was hosted I could be on a Windows server, and there I could use the .NET platform, but do MSSQL. It feels like a catch 22, so for now I am stuck with mySQL/PHP.

It is raining here tonight. I am usually not one for rain. I don’t like being wet. The sound tonight is however very relaxing. It is interesting the way that the sound of water falling on the world can so easily mesmerize humanity. I wonder why.

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