Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Project Updates

It took me a second to figure out what inspired this comment from yesterday’s blog entry. I went back to look at the photos that I uploaded yesterday, and decided that it must have been this one. So Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, for your information, yes I LOVE Chinese food especially when it comes from Panda Express. (The link may or may not work, as at this time I can't get it to load, but google tells me that is where they live on the 'interweb'.) Was that enough links for the day?

There are a whole bunch of projects that I am in various states of working on at the moment. The two big ones are first, my RSS authoring tool which I am writing in PHP, and second, a 10-12 minute pod-cast about user-interfaces, computers, and how we interact with them. I did five interviews for the piece last week, and found the audio snippets that I want to use. I just need to sit down and figure out how to put them all together, record the transitions, and package it up all nice and pretty for your listening pleasure. I don’t expect that it will be anything ground breaking, but it has been an interesting project for me to work on.

The RSS authoring tool is going to be pretty cool. So far it has given me the opportunity to get better acquainted with PHP and MYSQL, as I have probably said three or four times now. It is still interesting to me to see how various web technologies come together to create an application. At this point in the project I have only worried about the actual logic, http sessions, and getting the right data at the right time from the user. As I have gotten deeper into the thing, I am coming up with all sorts of interesting design questions. I know that I am going down a path that has already been trodden by many sage programmers and that yes, I could probably download or subscribe to a similar tool, but for me this is all about the learning experience. I didn’t feel too much like programming last night, so I didn’t. Tonight is feeling the same way. Once I get the basic logic and db stuff going it will then be a challenge to make it look pretty. I wish that I had the talent to design web pages! Maybe I will find some creative budding designer who will want to look at my simple forms and figure out how to give this application a look. Time will tell.

Half way through the week two more work days to go, and then off to NECC.

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